Le 5 Botti - Enogastroturismo Etneo


About us

“Do you know what our life is? Yours and mine? A dream in Sicily. Maybe we are still there and we are still dreaming.” L. Sciascia

This is our land, a daydream, beauty at every curve, marvel after every corner, a welcoming and hospitable place. It’s starting from our love for this land that Obiettivo Vita – social cooperative decided to dedicate to everyone who wants to live real Sicily to appreciate its flavours, its colours and its passion, giving a real Sicilian welcoming. Next to mount Etna and to the sea, between Acireale and Taormina, the town of Santa Venerina offers unforgettable views. Our gusts’ holiday will be special also because of the permanence in a special place, an ancient “palmento” into the nature, in which it is possible to live all the sensations of “old Sicily”. In all the our services and activities, our guest will enjoy competence and friendliness, respecting our traditions and our culture, with a unique ad memorable journey.

Our restaurant support the “welfare con gusto” (“tasty welfare”) system. Thanks to our experience in the social field, every 20€ our guests spend in our restaurant, we will contribute with 1€ to the project “welfare con gusto”. Once we will collect 20€, our social cooperative will give, thanks to the support of a qualified staff, one hour of domiciliary assistance for fragile people living in Santa Venerina, recommended by the social service, with no cost for the public authority.